Before you go

Medical check-up, Vaccines, Prescriptions

Before leaving you should do a medical check-up in order to determine if you will need any specific medication. No special vaccines are required to enter Spain. However, it may be useful to check if your tetanus vaccine is up to date. Bring any prescription drugs that you may need and make sure you bring enough for the entire stay. They should be labeled and you should also carry your doctor’s prescription in case of loss. The prescription should provide the generic name of the drug (chemical composition) as the name and brand vary from country to country. 

As student of the ECC Program you will be covered through the IATI insurance during your whole stay regarding any medical need or emergency that may come up in Granada.

Special needs

If you have any specific medical or health concerns you should discuss them with us prior to your arrival so that we can be able to determine if your requests can be accommodated.


The ECC Program includes homestay with Spanish families. If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirement please let us know before your departure so that we can take your needs into consideration.

Any other allergy (for instance cat or any other pet allergy) or special need you may have must be reported prior to arrival so we can find a suitable family for you.

More information  

You can find more Spain-specific health information from the U.S. Government here

For any concern related to your health and personal situation please contact us

Register with the US State Department

All students should be registered with the US State Department while overseas. This registration is also known as the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program “STEP”. You should do it prior to your departure. It is a free service provided by the U.S. Government and you will see, it is very simple to do at this link. It is essential for you in case of an emergency (see also the emergencies section).