Register with the US State Department

Please make sure you register with the U.S. State Department (Smart Traveler Enrollement Program “STEP”) before your departure. Registration is essential in order to be able to benefit from adequate assistance emergency procedures in case of a personal emergency or in the unlikely event of a local or national crisis (in Granada the risk of natural disaster, war and terror is extremely low).

Up-to-date information on Emergency Procedures and Security can be found on the website of the US Department of State

Sexual assault

Many victims of sexual assault don’t know what to do and how to feel after a sexual aggression. It is very important to know what options exist after such a tragic and traumatizing experience. Most importantly is to know how to secure your safety and where to seek professional help if you have been victim of a sexual aggression.

Your safety: If you are in immediate danger or seriously injured call 112 (088 from a mobile phone) and call the School’s 24h emergency number 636 261 966 or directly the 24 hours helpline from the Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Salud 618 671 168. They have a special service for victims of sexual assault.

Something happened to you that you didn’t want to happen: It is not your fault. 

Other contact: 24 h Hotline for women in Andalucia:  900 200 999

Emergency contact information

It is advisable to carry a mobile phone with you with the most important emergency contact informations you find below. Remember that you are not alone so contact us in case of a problem or doubt. You can easily purchase a prepaid cell phone or sim card once you are here. The school will be happy to inform you about it.

Contact numbers In Granada:

  • ECC program 24 hour emergency number: 636 261 966
  • Emergency phone number: 112 (free call)
  • Emergency phone number from a mobile phone: 088 (free call)
  • Police 091 (free call)
  • Fire brigade 080 (free call)
  • Medical healthcare with international department 24h/24h Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Salud Helpline (Emergency and medical assistance): 618 671 168
  • Taxi: 958 28 06 54 / 958 13 23 23