Safety and medical care in Spain / Granada

Granada welcomes each year about 2000 students from all over the world. Thanks to the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, foreigners quickly can integrate into daily and local life. With its approximate 250 000 inhabitants it has just the perfect size to make visitors feel soon at home without missing the advantages of a modern and comfortable city. Mostly short distances in town make it easy to discover this magical city by foot and especially walking during daylight is very enjoyable. The city also offers a very efficient urban bus system for longer journeys, just around the corner of the school is also a bus stop. Besides, Granada also has an excellent taxi service and cabs can easily be found at any time (24h service) at an affordable price. Life in Granada is easy and secure, as a matter of fact Granada has a very low crime rate and there are hardly any worries of violent or major crime. However it is advised to be vigilant in crowded or touristy areas to avoid peggy theft. Taking some basic precautions in those areas normally is sufficient to be and feel safe. As to the medical care system, Spain has fortunately a high quality health system so that there is nothing to worry about.

Students will not only feel quickly comfortable in the city but also at the school. We have more than 30 years of experience receiving foreign students and guiding them through a life changing experience while immersing themselves into Spanish culture. With its warm familiar atmosphere the school strives to build personalized relationships with its students. We respond to students individual needs and are happy to assist  with any question and query that may come up before and during the stay. Coming to a new culture and unfamiliar place requires to go through an adjustment period but you can be sure that the school will help and assist you any time. We take into consideration your needs and provide you with any information that can help you integrating into your new environment, whether in terms of safety, health and emergency or in terms of social and cultural aspects. On arrival all students will receive orientation on the city and the new environment. Our Student Assistants will be available to respond to further individual queries and concerns from Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons.